Puzzle Quest for iPhone

Puzzle Quest, that ever-so-popular Bejeweled type of game for PC and other platforms, has come to the iPhone in a reasonably good fashion. The initial release was plagued with problems, including impossible to read text  and lackluster graphics, but this recent update seems to have fixed things.

From TouchArcade.com:


Looks like Transgaming is taking iPhone gaming seriously with a number of steady updates to their Puzzle Quest [App Store] game. The most recent 1.2 update added enough “performance, graphics, text and sound improvements” to where even the early nay-sayers seem appeased.

But perhaps the most remarkable gesture, however, is the fact that Transgaming has told us that they will be releasing Chapter 2 of the series as a free update to current Puzzle Quest owners. Yes, that means 20+ more hours of gameplay to be added as a simple free upgrade in the next few weeks. Chapter 2 was originally planned to be an additional application that would be sold separately.

This means the $9.99 Puzzle Quest: Chapter 1 will become Puzzle Quest: Chapters 1 & 2 which represents a remarkable value in the App Store. By our reasoning (not confirmed by Transgaming), this should include the entirety of the original Puzzle Quest Nintendo DS release, while Chapter 3 seems to represent a later expansion pack.

In addition, a Lite version of the game will be released early next week so you can try the game before you buy.

But given the ongoing improvements and now with over 40 hours of gameplay, it certainly represents a great value at $9.99.

Looks like a great buy to me!

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